It has been fairly amazing here in terms of the weather and even though Christmas is just around the corner I've been able to get out and ride. I succumbed to brilliant sunshine last weekend and took the large motorcycle out for a forty mile trip. It was an awesome ride as I'm beginning to get back into the swing of piloting a big, powerful motorcycle. Hills that test the power of a 250cc scooter or motorcycle don't even exist for a 750cc bike. When the long rides of Spring occur it will be a choice of road crushing power against the fuel economy of the 250cc machines. I will probably mix it up just to get a feel for both.

I would like to thank all the people who have called to offer me an opportunity to spend Christmas with them. I appreciate that so many friends are willing to let me participate in their family gatherings while I sort out my internal workings after Sara's passing. It's humbling to know that everyone is concerned for me. I plan on spending the afternoon with somebody and not sitting in a darkened house dwelling on "What Might Have Been." Sara would kick my tail if I spent the day in a personal Pity Party rather than enjoying life.