Merry Christmas everyone. It's a beautiful here for a Christmas day, I hope it is there too. With my stepsons gone to Connecticut to be with their Father's family I have all kinds of time to get into trouble. Yesterday I was looking at 66 degree temperatures and no real place to go. So I made a reason. "There's no one here to cook for," I thought, "Let's just hop on the motorcycle and dine at the local Wendy's". Of course this creates a problem. Which bike to do it on? After a good, long period of consideration I pulled the big Kawasaki out. The ride there and back was marvelous.
My afternoon here this lovely day will take off in a little while. My next door neighbors have invited me to take part in their celebration. I won't be sitting home alone while my sons are away having a riotous time, no way. In the meantime I managed to do a little Honda riding. I took the Honda Rebel to town to fill it up with gas in case it has to sit until spring. After an inspirational ride on the Rebel I felt a trip on the new addition, the red Honda Nighthawk, with the same engine as the Rebel warranted a look. I took a scenic ride along the Delaware for a few miles and put the bike away.
I hope your day is as stimulating as mine and your family is all well. Enjoy the time together, it's more precious than you know.