I added another motorcycle to my garage this past weekend in the form of my Daughter's Honda Rebel. I didn't note the last addition either, my 1983 Kawasaki 750. It has begun to cause a traffic jam in my garage on one side with all four motorcycles lined up. The funny thing is that people would look and ask, "What is it with you and Black motorcycles?". So far the only ones in there are Black with some other highlights, mostly gray.

I have them lined up by brand. The two on the left are Honda Rebels. The one in the center is my Kawasaki, while the one on the right is the only scooter there. It's my Chinese CF Moto 250cc. The Kawasaki is obviously the biggest and outweighs the Hondas by about two hundred pounds. It's also the fastest.
I only have three more to get from Deposit and the garage will look like a packed showroom when I do. At least there will be some color added. One of the three is blue and the other is red. Of course the last one is black.
Linda is being understanding for now but I have to decide which bikes I can do without. Keeping three or four will do.