The weather here the last few days has been milder than in years past. Yesterday we needed a few items from the grocery store and the short list of things was scooter friendly. I didn't even bundle up or use my leather jacket, just the ski style jacket from K Mart that I wear all the time. The scooter fired right up and was raring to go when I went to the garage to try it. I let it warm up as I put on my helmet and gloves and the engine picked up speed as it warmed. I've noticed that the engines in my Chinese vehicles get better and stronger with age and the scooter is no exception. It has a friendly growl when running down the road, the mark of a happy engine.
People looked at me when I pulled into the store lot, not certain what to make of a scooter in January. I just went about things like it was a day in May despite the calendar and it probably baffled many observers. I was just happy to be out riding, saving gas and not putting miles on the car. As with any short ride it ended too soon but it bodes well for the season to come when I'm already putting miles on my two wheelers in January. The sun is shining outside already today and the weather report is for mid-thirties. A short list of grocery needs is on the kitchen table already. Maybe another ride is in the offing?