Last year at this time I could look out my window and see about four inches of snow on the ground. The weather has been completely different this year. Today it got up to 56 degrees and in honor of the occasion I took the Yamaha out for a spin. It was another success and the bike seems to get stronger each time I use it. I've developed a starting drill straight out of the British bike era to assure that it starts. I remove the trickle charger, turn on the key, flip the kill switch to run and yank the throttle wide open twice. With the choke on and no throttle it has fired up faithfully every time lately. I don't know if all the steps are necessary but like people who knock on wood for luck or toss spilled salt over their shoulder I'm not about to fool with what seems to work. I love the basic feel of such a small bike whenever I ride it. It's light, responsive and handles more like a dirt bike than a Cruiser. Hopefully after I get it registered and on the road we'll have some real adventures together. I've got to get a better muffler though. The sound is just raucous and sure to attract unwanted attention.