I noticed today that the 250 Chinese scooter (Galileo) was fast approaching 2,850 on its odometer. As I told Marc, that means that my Helix replica has acquired 1,000 miles since I purchased it. As a commuter vehicle it has made eighteen trips to the job in the month or so since I picked it up. It has made the trip much shorter in terms of time over the smaller Chinese bikes I formerly used, taking about twenty minutes to do the 17.5 mile one way commute instead of the half hour or 35 minutes my other rides were taking. It's actually moving at about the same pace the Honda Rebel was so it's been doing as well as a much stronger bike.
On the subject of commutes the count now is 62 trips to work by two wheels. At my estimate of $6.00 savings per trip over the minivan this has amounted to $372 in my pocket instead of some gas station's till. I don't know that 100 trips is possible at this point in the riding season but something close to that might happen, weather permitting. As the cost of gas has passed $4.00 a gallon again, being able to get 70 mpg instead of 20 has been very comforting. Not to mention the savings in wear and tear on the Plymouth. Over 2,100 miles hasn't been piled on the odometer by my riding various bikes to work.
On a smaller note the 50cc Cub clone is approaching 1,800 miles. This doesn't sound like very much, I'm sure, but considering the miles per trip it gets, it's not too shabby. It's mostly used these days for short grocery runs of seven miles each and doesn't get the near hundred mile trips its garage-mates experience occasionally. It has finally reached a point where I can say it's truly broken in and it acquits itself well. I've seen 40 to 45 mph on flatter roads, not bad for a mini-engine. As noted previously it does its job while getting 105 mpg, going as far on one gallon as the minivan does with five. Even more amazing is its durability. I just had to replace its tail light bulb when the brake light filament on the original gave out. Except for oil changes, tightening the odd loose bolt and putting air in the tires periodically it's been invisible. I don't know how Hondas in this size perform but I can't imagine they'd be any better. I only wish it had about three more horsepower. Then it would be capable of near highway speeds and more assertive hill climbing. As it is the mini motorcycle has been a great asset.
The Rebel has been doing its work quietly and has another 2,000 miles on its odometer since the beginning of the season. There's not much I can add in describing its "Honda Like" reliability. This bike has proven its strength time and again. I would imagine that in a place with a year round riding season 200,000 miles would be easily done.
Stick around, I'm sure I'll have more news on the fleet's accomplishments.