I was scanning through Facebook the other day when I noticed that Matt from Parts for Scooters was inquiring, "It's the first day of Spring. Where did you ride today." I had forgotten up to that point that it was the first day of a new season. I've gotten accustomed to March 21st being the first day and the solstice was actually March 20th this year. That, of course, set my wheels to turning. I didn't want the event to pass without notice so I walked out to the garage, fired up Rocket (my 50cc bike) and headed out for a brief shopping trip.
It was a little breezy but the temperature was at forty-one degrees with the sun poking in and out. I had a few items to purchase at the hot shopping points in town and rode to the supermarket first. Pulling into the parking lot always elicits a few friendly nods this time of year and that day was no different. People walking in and out of the store smiled since bikes on the street are few in the cold months.
I purchased a few necessities and some items for dinner and rode to my next stop at Family Dollar. I made the video above before going in. I'm talking to members of the Scooter Forum I belong to on the recording, hence the reference to "Gentlemen". I hope a few ladies from here will also view it so don't be offended. I may change to saying "People" on the next videos I make so they will be more correct. The ride, as always, was too short but quite enjoyable. Hopefully this was just an hors d'oeuvres for the coming season. I'm looking forward to many more.