It feels like every day is so long without the Boss here. We are all moving along doing work, school and substitute teaching but the sparkle that each day had has faded. I finally sat down in front of the TV for the first time last night to watch PBS with a friend visiting us. It has been weeks since I did the Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy double that Sara and I did on a daily basis. Sometime soon I will have to start again and hope that she's there with me.

Other mundane tasks are being covered also. I finally took Sara's car in for Inspection two months late. It was supposed to go in on the morning she first needed to race to the Emergency Room in August. It got so hectic, and seemingly pointless, after that day that the car sat for two months with scarcely any use. It needed a little work to pass and I felt that if we sell it the car should be in good shape.

On a personal front I bought a used motorcycle for myself. The scooters are adequate for most things but in the Spring I may need a head clearing ride after the winter subsides and long hours stuck inside. The bike is an oldie but goody and should bring a smile to my face.

Sad days, yes, but for Sara we'll pull through.