In about a week I'll be facing a dilemma  that will really have me tossing in my sleep-maybe. It's possible that the paperwork issue with the Honda Big Ruckus will finally be fixed and I'll have to decide what I keep and what to sell. I'm not like these people who have different bikes for different days of the week. I can only afford to keep one bike around at a time for major riding and the scooter for short hops into town. If I sort out the paper mess on the Honda either it or the Kawasaki will have to go.
I love having the Kawasaki to ride. It has a great sound and handles like an old British bike should. The Ruckus is a brute and also has a great noise. It's also fairly new and has been neglected by it's former owner. Even though it's a 2005 it only has 1,800 miles on it, hardly broken in by Japanese motorcycle standards. The Kawasaki passed 20,000 miles this past summer, which is not alot in comparison to the other bikes I've owned, but it's up there looking at all the other bikes in the garage.
So I have a decision to make soon. To shift or not to shift. Both bikes are worth about the same on the market. It will just come down to which I want to part with. I'll let you know when I decide.