It's fifty degrees outside, the sun is shining and I don't have anywhere to go. Well, that's not completely true, In half an hour I have to take the Black Lab to the Vet for her shots but she won't sit still on the back of the scooter and I have to use the car. During the summer many great days go by unridden but somehow it seems a waste to not drag something out to ride when a day like this comes along and there isn't anyplace to go on two wheels. 
Last winter I had many opportunities to hop into town on two wheels for some errand or another. This winter has been different so far. Cold, overcast days have been plentiful causing me to slink off to the minivan when a bank deposit needs to be made or groceries are needed. While the car may feel necessary and useful it still tugs at my purse strings every time I fill it up. If it wasn't so comfortable I'd feel bad about using it.