I went to a Bike Night. Great fun. OK, let's expand on that. Up in Sherburne, about fifty miles from here, there's is a bike night. Riders come from all over to kick tires and swap lies and show off their bikes. I've been champing at the bit to go for four years and finally decided to do it. Bidding adieu to the family for three hours I made the trip on the big scooter enjoying the roads and scenery on the way.
Once I got there I found a mini-rally in progress. I got there an hour after the official start and thought, "This is a small turnout." It didn't stay that way. Over the course of the next hour about a hundred bikes of all shapes and sizes pulled in. I spoke to a few people and found one more scooter owner who was more than happy to share scooter tales. I wanted to remember it and took a video which of course I don't seem able to load up here. Here's the link if you're interested.
The owners of Gilligan's Island, the Ice Cream shop hosting the event were pleased to get it. I will do it again, maybe on something smaller, for the adventure, just to say I did it. It was fun and I loved taking the big scoot to a gathering. It deserved it.