Years ago when I bought the big scooter I had ideas in my head that we would do some serious miles together. Events since then have conspired to deter that and it settled into the role of commuter and doctors visit machine. Yesterday it finally got to break out of those roles as we took a three hundred mile trip together to Danbury, Connecticut and back. It was a rousing success. I always knew it was a comfortable scooter but hadn't spent a long time in its saddle since I picked it up on Long Island four years ago. One thing I did know was that I needed back support and to that end I bought a Motorcycle kidney belt which supports your waist and lower back. It worked superbly.

The scooter is no rocket ship and is capable of running all day at sixty to sixty-three mph with little strain. I stayed out of the way of faster traffic by riding in the right lane and didn't seem to have long lines of cars waiting to get past me. As an added bonus the speed I rode at rewarded me with excellent fuel economy. Two fill ups both returned 79 mpg which is better than twice what I would get in the car. To say I'm thrilled with the results would be an understatement and the ease with which it did the trip is encouraging me to think of doing it again with no doubts. For a Chinese scooter it did an unbelievable job.