Yesterday we had a typical "Day Before the Storm" kind of a day. The temperature soared into the forties, the sun was out making it feel warmer and with the snow coming today I just had to ride to work. Now which one of the fleet would both survive the salt covered highway and make the ride special? My 50cc bike, Rocket, of course. It has become my ride for fun and laughter in this dreary winter. It has just enough horsepower to scale the steepest hills slowly, and the feel of a small motorcycle with instant response. I've also learned that anticipation of obstacles and wise use of the manual gearbox can help it a lot.
To say I had a good time doesn't do Rocket justice. It makes every long ride an adventure and lightens my whole work day. It also helps me in my battle with the Oil Companies with its 100+ mpg abilities. What amazes me as a former "Flatlander" is its ability to actually climb the hills here. The highest one I encounter is eight hundred feet higher in altitude than the area my house is in. It's a gradual climb until the last half mile where I'm forced into second gear. On the way home the first hill I encounter is a solid six hundred foot climb and has the little engine working its heart out. Getting to the top feels like a victory every time I do it.
It may be a while before I get to ride again but yesterday was a tasty prep for the season to come. It should hold me for a couple of weeks at least.