As I sit here and write this, the temperature out side is two degrees with a windchill of 15 below. There won't be any riding in the near future, that's for sure. Last week there was a glorious break in the weather and my fleet got a brief workout. As I wrote last time, I had the opportunity to ride the 50cc bike into town for groceries. On Wednesday I had another chance to ride when a shortage in some commodity reared its head. Much like on Monday the trip was special and I got even more friendly head nods and smiles from people on the street.
Two days later, on Friday, I had small errands in town that required minimal cargo carrying so it was time to put the 150cc scooter to work. The scooter has more power and gets to town slightly quicker than the 50cc bike. Sadly it has one undesirable trait, it rides like a truck. The little bike, surprisingly enough, has better shocks and is much easier to ride on some of the bumpy roads. The scooter has leg shields, conversely, and is much warmer in thirty degrees. That makes the journey into town more comfortable. I was so glad to be out in the dead of winter, comfort and warmth were secondary and it makes me long for Spring.
I don't know what nature has in store in the coming months but I'm hoping for a chance to ride at least once a month until the more moderate weather settles in. Then Polar Vortex, Wind Chill and snow will just be a memory.