The process of moving to Hyde Park continues as we pack the minivan to the roof with household goods. In addition to lamps and furniture the Honda Rebel is now downstairs in my garage. There is quite a difference between a scooter and a motorcycle on the Interstates. When Linda followed me home last week while I was on the scooter she noted that I was rolling at 60 mph. This week she said to me when we got home, "Do you know you were doing 65 mph?" I smiled.
This weekend is "The Wedding". Most of the details have been finalized, the Venue, Florist and Photographer have been paid and we have visitors coming for the first time to our new home. This accelerated schedule of moving,marrying and honeymooning has been truly hectic. I'm hoping for a little boredom after this. It would be welcome.
I'm going to be so glad when everything that I need/want is here from the house in Deposit and the house is sold. It's 156 miles from there to here and the trip is getting a little tedious. Fortunately it has given me a chance to talk to Linda about wedding details and other pertinent data.
I'll fill you in on the wedding and honeymoon in my next installment. I know we're going to have a really good time.