This past Monday the weather was an inviting 55 degrees with brilliant sunshine. Time for another last ride of the season. I pulled the Honda Nighthawk out of the garage and it fired up immediately. The roads were mostly dry but it was salty in spots. The air was crisp and the bike ran strong for its size. The roads around here have a nice assortment of curves and rises that suit the Honda well. After a nice but short thirty mile trip we were back in the garage. I oiled up the chain to let it soak and slid it into the garage. It's snowing now so that might be it for a while. This has been a great year.
This past Thursday we did the Thanksgiving thing on Long Island and it wasn't half bad. Unlike previous years the traffic wasn't bad and we drove down and back at about the usual pace. I was expecting wall to wall cars but we actually rolled most of the time. We took the Honda since it has an automatic transmission suited to the job of crawling along in traffic. It's comfortable, gets adequate gas mileage and is perfect for stop and go traffic. A good number of family was there with a head count around twenty-four. Mom enjoys having a large crowd and had plenty of people to talk to. This was the first Thanksgiving without Dad and his absence was felt but stories about him flowed heavily.
Now I sit staring out the window at the first serious snow this season. Estimates run anywhere to a foot and beyond but we are prepared to deal with it. The snowblower was test started yesterday and ran just fine. The Honda is in the garage while my car is parked on the far side of the driveway so that we can clear the driveway and the move it and finish the driveway. While predictions are saying this will be a snowy, cold winter we are hoping for better. You will hear about it here. I guess it adds to the season but I dislike moving snow. More stories about it for sure.