I hope everyone had as good a Thanksgiving as Linda and I did. For the first time in a long time I was part of a team effort to entertain family on this festive day. We stocked up on necessary items for the gala the weekend before with a heavy hitting trip to ShopRite and other stores. We cleaned the house and Linda dusted. The night before Linda peeled potatoes and I mopped the kitchen. Clutter was put in order and the turkey was stuffed.
Thanksgiving day saw her son Tim and family arrive with Linda's three grandsons, along with her brother Tom and his daughter MaryLou. The highlight of the day, in addition to the incredible display of Linda's cooking, was the unveiling of our wedding album. The photographer did a fabulous job capturing the spirit of the day. Family and friends are present in abundance in its pages along with a beaming bride and smiling groom.
Once the day was over, and the attendees stuffed with warm, tasty food, we walked them out and turned out attention to cleanup. The refrigerator is loaded with leftovers and turkey has been on the menu for the last four days. One fallout of the meal is very tasty desserts are highly represented. Our after dinner tea has been the best in a long time.
The march to Christmas begins with some presents purchased and a new Christmas tree is in our cross hairs. It will be artificial at least and per-lit at best. Hanging ornaments will be the only task it will require. Outside lights and garland are a must, of course.