I decided this morning to get my big scooter inspected at the local Kawasaki dealer. What I like about them is that even though they're in a building the size of aircraft hanger they still maintain their personal way of dealing. I called this morning to confirm that I could have it done and the woman that answered the phone thanked me for calling to check. They still appreciate a customer that treats them like people and not robots in a factory. When I first moved up here they were in a much smaller store and now that the business has moved on to selling ATVs and Side by Sides they needed a larger place. I was looking at Can Am All Terrain Vehicles that were as big as my first car (1963 VW Beetle) on their sales floor and marveled at the extent people go to in self amusement. I saw on my last visit there that they had installed a car lift in the repair area so they could work on them. It's amazing the change in Motorcycle dealerships. If you ever need the name of a good one, Klinger Powersports in Walton is up there.
Of course the scooter passed with flying colors, it's a scant few years old and only has 4,600 miles on it. The luck part was how the weather held off for me. Thunderstorms are raging right now and I'm sitting here, nice and dry. Hopefully they will stop soon. Sara decided to risk the prediction of a 50% chance and took the Rebel to work. If she was riding now she would be soaked but she doesn't leave work for another two hours. This front should move through by then and things will be dry.
I'm on a roll right now in terms of riding. Starting this past Sunday I decided to count how many days I could get on the bikes and ride. Today's run to have the scooter inspected, and a short shopping trip on the 50cc bike, have brought the count to four. I've commuted to work twice in that time and saved another $12.00 in gas expense. Let's see how long this lasts.