To celebrate the nice weather I took the scooter out today for a nice little ride. Actually it was twenty-five miles so I don't know if you'd call it little. It's been a thousand miles since I repaired its engine and it's been running quite nicely since being put back together. It broke a valve spring and I had to remove the engine from the frame. It was apart for a month due to weather and getting the pieces together. Now it hums along and I haven't heard any strange sounds or noted any odd behavior.
The trip today took us to the top of the fearsome Tuscarora Mountain, a hill the locals fear in bad weather, since it's the scene of many vehicle accidents. Of course it was sunny so I had nothing to fear except the strain I might be placing the scooter under. The road was a gradual slant so the scooter didn't miss a beat. I stopped a couple of times to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. One spot was a lake created by damming a creek. There were cottages surrounding it and it was quite peaceful. The scooter looked good in the picture I took, almost at home in its surroundings. I continued on to the top of the hill and then turned for home, having gone far enough for this day.
Like all trips this one ended too soon and since I had the ultimate shopping machine I stopped at the store and bought some fruit punch which fit easily in the scooter's trunk.