Most people mark the end of summer on Labor Day but I like to get a little extra out of it. Since the twenty-first of September is nine days away I'm rolling along wrapped in the confidence that it will be riding season for quite a while longer. My 250 scooter (Galileo) is beginning to close in on the number of commutes that the 150 Chinese scooter accomplished. Today marked its twenty-third trip to work against twenty-seven for the 150. Considering that I've only had Galileo for six weeks that's highly satisfying. As the price of gas is still rising the savings in fuel costs is like a mini-raise from my job. The minivan, Atlantis, sits sullenly waiting for the cold weather to resume its role as primary source of transportation. I'm hoping it's a good, long wait.
As Galileo passed the 3,000 mile plateau yesterday I decided to give it an oil change. I was told by the shop owner who serviced it for its former owner that they used Amsoil. Not having it handy I purchased Mobil 1, a highly reputable oil. Having done a few oil changes on a Honda scooter I was on familiar ground. The job went off without a hitch and soon Galileo was purring with a fresh supply of oil, ready for another 1,000 miles. There's a large divergence of opinion on what type of oil to use in motorcycle style engines. I used synthetic oil in Galileo only because it has been running it for awhile. Under normal circumstances I recommend regular Petroleum based oils instead of the magical elixirs of slippery fluids out there. I've used Family Dollar oil in many machines with success since even the cheapest oils have to meet standards. I want Galileo to get old and gray in my care so I'll stay with synthetic. I've noticed that the rear tire is beginning to look a little thin so that calls for research. I'm against spending as much for a little scooter tire as I do for a full size motorcycle tire but I'd like a little more than 3,000 miles out of the next one. Bridgestone or Shinko? Hmmmmm.