I'm sitting here watching a lovely veil of white blanketing the Earth and I'm not happy about it. The present snow was supposed to be bad but it's turning out to more of a nuisance than a threat. Original estimates pegged it at eighteen inches but it looks now like it will settle in at around five or six. What it means to me is that whether I like it or not the riding season is over and the roads will be coated with ice, snow or a thick layer of salt. Not the best conditions to be riding on. I can look back on this past season with some satisfaction though.
My 250cc scooter did a yeoman's job of transporting me to many different locations with no troubles. My 150cc scooter did likewise with one eighty mile run to fetch burritos for dinner. It also performed numerous trips to town for groceries and other essential errands. What can I say about the 50cc bike aptly named Rocket? It continues to amaze me with its overachieving. It has been about the most useful bike in the fleet and if it had about four more horsepower might be the only bike I would need. I never did get a chance to take a long ride on it but all the short runs to town added close to a thousand miles to its odometer. Best yet is that despite a foul reputation my Chinese fleet never let me down once. That keeps me smiling through this long, dark season.