It isn't bad enough that it gets cold early in the season here, but this rain has to stop. I've had to use the car far too often to make me happy and the two wheeled fleet is sitting way too much. Not only is there rain but now the threat of Hurricane Sandy is taking the lead on new stories. Last year when Irene hit we were without power for six days and a Honda saved the day. OK, it was a Honda generator but at least it was a Honda. On a better note I've been able to take the big scooter to work two out of three days this week but a chance to take it on a fifty mile errand was washed out by an all day rain storm. We're also getting into the "Overcast Season" now too. It's cloudy through the Fall and Winter months here for much of the time. Here's the irony though. It's cloudy all day and seems to clear up at night giving excellent views of starlit skies. Too bad it's also too cold and dark to ride.
I've hit the 35 mark on my commutes to work on Galileo the big scooter. That's a total of 1225 miles according to my calculator. I'm hovering at the 80 commutes mark so far this year but with November approaching that might be as far as I go. That's approximately 2800 miles and some quick math puts my savings at $480 in fuel costs. At that rate many of my two wheeled fleet will be paid for in a few years unless the cost of gas plummets to around $2.00 a gallon again. Not likely. Still more riding to do and places to go. I'll have to give you the vivid tales as they happen.