I'm sitting here as a light snow falls and the temperature outside is hovering at twenty-four degrees. Too cold to even think about riding. Not only has the weather conspired against me but so has my garage. The other day, after placing my new tire for the big scooter in the garage, I closed the door and heard a loud bang. I had an idea what had occurred since it had happened before but I tried to open the door and it wouldn't budge. One of the assist springs on the door had broken and flew out hitting the door making it nigh unto impossible to raise it. I opened the other door to be sure, and yup, there was the broken spring resting on the runner. I have since purchased a new spring at the local hardware store but I'm waiting for better weather to do the job. Hopefully it will go well since this will be the first time I'll do the job by myself. The last time a local handyman did it for me but he no longer lives nearby. Until I get around to it the bikes are being held prisoner by the wounded garage door....and bad weather.