I've been cleared to ride by a Higher Authority so I'm back on the road. No, not by the doctors. Sara has let me loose after many of the tasks I've had to do showed I was up for it. This morning, for example, I took the 150cc scooter to Bainbridge to attend the funeral service of the husband of a good friend. It's been a long time since I last ventured over in that direction but it was a good ride given the occasion. I took a few roads I've never ridden on before and the trip was quite interesting. What always amazes me about the 150cc is that it tackles hills with ease. I hit a few good climbs that I knew was taxing the engine yet it scarcely lost a beat and maintained its speed.
Even with a steady headwind it continued to hum. While it was nice to see the scooter handling the wind it made for a chilly ride. The combination of humidity, wind and cloudy conditions made the fifty degree temperatures seem much cooler. I was fooled by the thermometer when I left for the funeral and ventured forth in light gloves. The dumb thing is that the scooter has a large compartment under the seat that I could have carried winter gloves in, but NO, I left them home. Even at that it was a great ride. All the roads around here are excellent sport bike roads and I got to flick the scooter through several challenging curves. The road I rode for the first time twisted and undulated in a most delightful manner. Even being a low powered scooter wasn't a deterrent to feeling like I was flying down the road and using the scooter like a larger, sporting motorcycle. As you can tell I was having fun.  
I'm hoping I can make it until Thanksgiving doing longish rides with short hops into town thereafter until Spring. The bikes are purring, I'm having a good time and the season isn't over yet.