There are people in this world who ride this time of year in spite of the cold. I'm not one of them. Temperatures have been in the teens and single digits which translates to frostbite when you add in the wind chill of speeds on a bike. That's not to mention the tons of road salt the State has slathered on the roads waiting to dissolve anything that drives on it. So I sit and wait for the weather to warm up a little and hope a rainfall appears to wash the roads clean. Given the weather lately that should be in March sometime.
My fleet is ready for a break in the weather. I go out and start them periodically to make sure that if winter's grip loosens for a spell they're ready to go. When that happens I'll let you know. In the mean time I amuse myself driving the latest addition to the Scion xB group in the driveway with its manual transmission keeping my reflexes sharp. When the spring comes I'll be ready to ride.