In the last month or so we have had weather warm enough to begin the process of riding again. My first run of the year was on my big scooter during a warm spell in February. I thought I would be foiled when I went to start it and saw the battery maintainer was unplugged. Usually I would expect nothing more than a clicking noise as the lack of voltage kept it from spinning the starter. Happily it fired right up and settled into a steady idle. The ride about the area was a nice break from the Winter.
This past week the temperatures approached seventy degrees and I pulled the Kawasaki out of hibernation to cruise the countryside. I am always in awe of the way the Kawasaki runs. The bike is thirty-seven years old and runs like a much newer motorcycle. I still have to get used to the weight when I ride it but it always reminds of why I like Kawasaki.
Just to remind me that motorcycles occasionally insist that they need care my Honda Nighthawk decided not to start last week with a dead battery. Fortunately I have located a web site that sells them for less than half of other available sources and a new battery was installed in a few days.
Like everyone we sit and watch the news about the coronavirus. It's been fairly daunting and we were unsure about even going to Church this weekend until we saw that the Diocese has called for Mass to be canceled in light of all the States of Emergency. Linda and I are hopeful that this scourge passes us by. They say "Old" people suffer the worst from it and we qualify as old. I hope you all are safe and healthy and stay that way.