After several snowstorms warmer weather is finally coming. I still may not be riding again soon since April Showers are on the horizon but better days are coming. I still only have been visiting the bikes in the garage but they will be venturing forth soon. My driveway is finally clear of snow so when the temperature and conditions allow I'll be off and riding.
Easter weekend was beautiful though and we enjoyed family gatherings both here and on Long Island. On Saturday Linda's son and family came to celebrate pre-Easter. To challenge the Grandchildren we hid Easter eggs in the front yard. The boys ran around looking under bushes and in the ivy for hidden eggs. Once they found them all we retired to the living room to hand them prizes for their hard work. Many of the prizes were outdoor toys which worked well with the weather. Soon the boys were running around tossing balls and toy airplanes in the yard.
As always Linda's food was delicious and in addition we barbecued chicken and burgers on the grill. A great day.
On Sunday we drove down to Levittown to spend Easter with my family. As always the day was filled with laughter and puns. Zeiser gatherings are always lively affairs with three generations rocking the day. Mom and Dad are right there in the comedy department despite being ummm-Mature. The whole weekend was a good time and we loved being with family. Food and good company. It's the best.