Yesterday was a day for my archives of important events. The little Yamaha performed an errand into Town and I didn't have to push it home. I needed some repair materials from the local hardware store and didn't need much carrying capacity for the job. I made it to the hardware store with only one brief stall out but the bike re-fired immediately. After successfully reaching the hardware store I felt it was time for an even more mundane task. I filled it with gas and it started flawlessly. Amusingly enough it died again at the top of the last hill on the way home and I coasted to about three hundred feet from the driveway. I wasn't going down without a fight so I played with switches and gas valve and finally got it to run again, riding the last three hundred feet.
Today I pushed my luck even further and took the Yamaha out for another test ride. It stalled out again about a quarter mile from the house and again about three miles away. I fiddled with the choke, got it running and it behaved the rest of the time. I checked the battery for voltage and it seems the charging circuit is working just fine, registering 12.5 volts after the trip. I used the scooter to pick up dinner rounding out the day nicely with a mere 17 miles of riding under my belt. I'm really looking forward to running the wheels off my stable this summer. Nice weather is in the forecast and gas prices are paining me greatly. It will be amusing to defray fuel costs with a Chinese scooter and thirty-one year old motorcycle. Hopefully I'll amass even greater mileage this year than I have in quite awhile and have even more interesting stories to tell. Stay tuned.