This past weekend the last vestige, a former big snow pile, of Winter finally disappeared and the weather turned truly Spring-like. Temperatures actually approached seventy degrees and the sun made all day appearances. I finally got a chance to run several errands on both of the scooters and leave the cars in the driveway for the first time in months. I can only say it's about time.

I decided on one occasion that I wanted to get into town and back quickly but needed cargo room. I pulled out the big scooter again. It has the capacity for moderate loads and can carry two cases of soda in the top box plus have room in the back trunk if necessary. Since I had to carry a pair of frozen pizzas I wanted to be able to lay them flat. Two DiGiornos fit easily in there and the toppings seem none the worse for the wear when I get them home.

I also needed to get a gallon of milk and two twelve inch sub sandwiches for lunch at one point. No rush this time and I know that will fit under the seat in the 150cc scooter. While I was waiting I filled the scooters gas tank to the tune of $1.75. I always wonder what a computer somewhere is thinking when it sees gas purchases on my debit card of under a gallon. “This does not compute. Shouldn't it be $17.50 at least?”

It's not quite as lovely today so the bikes will sit in the garage. Rain and gusty winds are a real mood killer. At least I know now that much better days are ahead.