I just spent the last two days playing around with the scooter and I'm beaten for now. I took off all the plastic panels, pulled all the hoses and lines and opened up the valve cover to get at the cylinder head bolts. After re-torquing the head the oil leak persists. I thought maybe I'd pull the fan shroud until I saw it would practically require removing the engine. A project for next spring. For now I'll just keep dumping oil into it and keep cardboard under it to soak up the spills. At my best guess it's using about a quart every 400 miles-for now. If it gets worse I'll park it until I can do more. Pulling the engine isn't a giant project, just enough to feel like a pulled muscle. You know the pain will end, but you'd like to avoid it.
The shame of it is that the scooter is running great. It would be one thing if it was burning oil or running bad, but it isn't. Just dumping oil all over the place. Ah well, at least the mopeds are running well.