Just when I thought it might be another mild winter Nature gave me a wake up call. This past week has been quite chilly and I've ridden in temperatures hovering in the mid-thirties. It only goes to show that seasons change and even wishful thinking won't change the weather. Tonight there were even wet snowflakes falling and, fortunately, I was able to observe it from the inside of a heated automobile. Scooter commuting might be coming to an end but as long as there isn't snow on the highway I'll be doing grocery and errand runs on two wheels. I had to make a quick run into Town for a few groceries today and I used the 150cc scooter. It pulls better in the gusty winds and has a nice little storage compartment under the seat for small grocery purchases.
I'm hoping for another couple of weeks of scooter commuting but I won't be brutally disappointed if I have to drive again. I've put many miles on my Chinese bikes and they've saved me a pile of money. Spring is only four months away and with any luck warm weather might come sooner. It's been a memorable season filled with nice rides and will give me many day dreams to mull over.