I was called into work yesterday and in keeping with the previous days I took the scooter in. That was the fourth time for the week and the sixth time this year, totaling 210 miles in commuting alone. Last winter's miserable weather kept me off the scooter until late April. Between that and breaking my hand I had a fairly short season. This year I'll be using up the China Special and I hope to pile on a bigger record of miles on it. Last year was a big year in spite of the conditions and I loaded 2,500 miles on the odometer. Right now the gauge is at 6,430 and with any luck it will be nudging 10,000 by October. No matter what happens with it I'll be letting the car cool its heels on the driveway for long stretches at a time. The 250 Yamaha is starting to become less of a mystery and I've done a few ten mile rides on it lately without incident. For longer trips or times when I have to hurry somewhere it will slot in as the vehicle of choice.
What I find amazing is the lack of mileage. I'm fairly certain the speedometer is original, and despite its age of 31 years, so I think the 6,500 miles on the odometer is real. It's had a hard life and is dented and bent in the oddest places. The abuse hasn't seemed to affect its engine which doesn't burn or leak oil and has healthy compression. I'm looking forward to using it and doing things normally reserved for engines three times its size. This will be an interesting summer.