As I reported last week we are finally in the house in Hyde Park. It's been a very tumultuous week with workers installing flooring in the Master Bedroom, painting and doing repair work on the back deck. All the work was completed this past Friday and we have residual damage to repair ourselves. Paint spots were left in many obnoxious places including doors, moulding, carpets and furniture. The people themselves were cordial but their work ethic left much to be desired.

Now that they're gone we have begun the lengthy task of unpacking Linda's boxes from Danbury and settling up rooms. We finally got to move into the Master Bedroom, which is quite spacious, and spent our first night in it on Saturday. It has its own bathroom so no more leaving the room to make nightly visits. In the meantime I haven't been back to the Deposit house in over a week and it is still an epic task awaiting more emptying. All my motorcycles are in the garage and I haven't ridden anything since the beginning of the month. I feel like I'm in withdrawal.

In a more joyous note Linda's Daughters-in Law threw her a bridal shower this past Saturday with close friends and family in attendance. My Mom drove up from Long Island to the Olive Garden in Poughkeepsie for the event and everyone had a great time with Linda beaming. She especially beamed when the manager of the restaurant called her “The Bride to be”. My thanks to Deb, Erin and Jen who organized everything. Now comes the last, hectic time leading up to the wedding which is less than three weeks away.