I've already told a few people about this but here is the unveiling on this site. Before Sara passed away we talked about my future plans. “I'm buying another bike,” I told her, “ And I'll take a long ride on it.” Not long after the first Life Insurance check came in I visited my local Kawasaki dealer. They had a used 1983 Kawasaki 750cc on consignment for sale that I had seen advertised. It's an old brute but from past experience I knew that as long as it didn't make any rattling noises it would last a good long time. I could tell it hadn't run in a while but the engine was sound.

Yesterday, after leaving it at the dealer's for a couple of weeks, I picked it up and rode it home. I have to tell you this. A scooter is fun, it's easy to ride and is very peaceful. A motorcycle is darn serious business. This bike shifts with authority and there's no mistake hearing when it changes gears. A scooter accelerates with a casual air about it. A bike accelerates like it's shot out of a cannon. My 250 scooter feels like it's flying doing 60 mph, the bike feels like it's loafing along. So much so that I'm going to attach my GPS to the bike today to make sure the speedometer isn't lying.

This will be my vehicle to take a trip in the Spring to try and shake off a little of the blues I'm feeling. Losing Sara has opened a hole in my world that has been wider than anything I've ever experienced. I can't run away from that but maybe, just maybe, I can lighten up the darkness a little and remember the good times while I travel alone in my helmet. I hope this Winter is a short one.