I wish I could put all of the events that occurred these past couple of weeks into a short movie but it would take too long. Linda and I traveled several hundred miles to family gatherings spanning highways between Hyde Park, Long Island and Plymouth, Massachusetts. First up was a visit to Linda's son, Tim, and his house the night before Christmas Eve where the family gathered to exchange presents. Five of Linda's Grandchildren delighted in opening presents and seeing the toys and gifts. Wrapping paper flew as each gift was revealed and the toys experienced their first use.

The next day we drove to Long Island to see Linda's Aunt and my parents. Aunt Eileen spent time in the Beauty Salon as we arrived doing her best to look good for visits from family. We showed her our wedding album and gave her a card with photos taken at our wedding to keep. It was an enjoyable visit, but short, and we proceeded to Levittown to meet with my parents and hear the news of the day. Mom and Dad have a rather high ceiling in their living room and had a Christmas tree that took advantage of the added height. It was extremely festive. We chatted, we laughed and exchanged family stories for what seemed too short a time. We had to get back to Hyde Park and meet up with my step son Phil who came to spend Christmas with us.

The festivities continued on Christmas Day itself with a visit to Linda's son, Jon, and his family. Also appearing were Linda's brother, sister and niece. Phil came with us so it was a large gathering. The usual gift exchange occurred as everyone opened presents and watched Jon's children send wrapping paper sailing. Food was eaten, Drinks were imbibed and conversation flowed. It was a proper Christmas gathering. Monday was a holiday observance so we went to the movies to see Rogue One. If you haven't seen it, do so. It fills in events integral to the Star Wars movies and that's all I'll say.

After a week of regular work, and common drudgery, the New Years weekend renewed the family get together theme. Linda and I drove to Plymouth, Mass to see her third son. Mike and Erin had baby Cora almost two months ago and she is prettier than ever. We arrived on New Years Eve and spent time exchanging stories before heading off for a fine meal at an Asian restaurant. The place was gearing up for a busy night and bags of takeout lined tables waiting to be picked up. After filling up on fine food we headed home and spent the evening opening presents and watching Cora do her baby thing. Linda and I managed to stay awake until midnight and watch The Ball drop.

The next day Erin's family came to celebrate the New Year and there was lots of food, desserts and warmth. It is always nice to spend time with people on a holiday and there were plenty to spend time with. It was a fitting way to end the week and one we will long remember.