Lately I've launched myself into a new hobby. Buying scooters and fixing them for fun. It hasn't been for profit yet as I still have to make repairs permanent on the one and get the second one started. Still it has been a fun way to exercise my mechanical leanings and problem solve ways to get something running.
The first one is a Chinese Lance 50cc scooter that is so European looking even though it's made in Asia. The previous owner had it cease to operate for him one day and he put it in the hands of a mechanic who only made it worse. I bought it for about one-fourth the cost the owner paid for it and after being led astray by fuel feed suspicions I discovered that the problem was electrical. I still have to clean the plug for the CDI or buy a new one but at the moment it's running, although a little haltingly.
The second scooter is a Honda. Low mileage, in good shape, but it's got mysterious problems and my first priority is to get it started. I saw the person I bought it from use the starter button and make it crank over but now it won't even with a new battery. Either the starter solenoid burned out or a wire got pulled loose in transit. First I want to hear it run and maybe even ride it to see if the driveline is good. Then I'll work on the bigger issues. 
In the mean time the original scooter still runs well and leaks oil. Projects to keep me occupied.