This coming Saturday there will be a Memorial service for Sara. It will be held at the Methodist Church in North Rose, NY that she grew up attending. Like every Baby Boomer she went every Sunday, attended Sunday School and, when she got older, sang in the choir. It's fitting that she be celebrated in the Church that her family so aligned themselves with. Family members on both sides will be there to honor and remember her.
My favorite memories will be of her bursting into song here in the house, becoming a biker and riding bicycles with her. We did many things as a family with Sara at the helm. It will be a while before get passed the emptiness in the house. Even now I feel her still with us and know I can't just sit around wallowing in grief. There's too much to do in the home she powered every day. I'll be glad to see family this Saturday but will wish Sara was with me too. Her laugh always lit up a room.