I had a few shopping items to pick up today and had every intention of braving the cold and riding something. As a precaution I walked to the end of the driveway to check out the road. It was white. Recently we've had some snow and freezing conditions at night so our beloved State DOT highway maintenance crews have been out making the roads safe to traverse. That means numerous plowings and spreading of road salt to clear the roads. While this has made driving safer it also means my two wheeled fleet is grounded for awhile. Salt is so corrosive that just one trip on the 50cc bike on a wet, salty road last year has scarred the wheels and numerous other parts with rust. I took the car today, which has numerous points of corrosion, to spare my bikes from harm. 
I have been keeping track of my mileage on the motorcycles for quite a spell and happen to notice that my fleet of Chinese rides now total over 23,000 miles. That includes only the Chinese bikes and has 2008 as the starting point. I also had other bikes during that time, so I've actually ridden more, but it's close enough. I'm guessing I've been averaging around 3,500 miles a year which is not earth shattering but is enough for me, given the short riding season here. I'd like to be closing in on 30,000 total miles by this time next year but I'll have to see how see how the weather and other factors play a part. As it is I've done a lot more riding than I thought I would and have covered a lot of ground on the bikes. A byproduct of that is saving a heap of cash on gasoline expenses and cutting wear and tear on the cars. I'm hoping next year brings more of the same.