I finally got a chance to hit the road with the Lance and prove out the repair to the electrical system. Last week I took it for a short run in between rain storms up and down the road in front of the house. It cooperated nicely and didn't hesitate or threaten to stall even once. I felt quite happy with the results and put it back in the basement to stay warm and cozy.
Today it was a balmy twenty seven degrees outside and I needed milk from the local convenience store so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to see if the Lance would behave for a longer period of time. Happily it did. Despite the bone chilling temperatures it exhibited excellent throttle response and ran well all the way into town and back. At one point I had to wait for a parade of cars to pass before I could proceed and the scooter idled happily and pulled away cleanly when the time came. Previously it would break up, hesitate and nearly stall in the same situation.
Overall I would say it's cured. I'm almost sorry to see it go. I could probably do some serious shopping trips with it but I have other tools for the task and enough is enough. It's next owner is already looking forward to taking possession of it and I'm hopeful it will be a long, fruitful relationship.