There were two notable events in the past week. I reawakened a slumbering member of the fleet and a bicycle ride in Town.
My small, 50cc bike, Rocket has been silent for over two years and it was time to get it going again. That bike never ceases to amaze me and this was no exception. The battery has been dead for years and I usually started it by using the kick start lever. Recent attempts had been unsuccessful so I pushed it into a shed to attack later. Last week I decided to try push starting it. My driveway is downhill so I pushed it out to the street and ran down the driveway with it. The first attempt had it coughing a little but the second run had it spring to life. In honor of the occasion I took it out on a five mile run and it behaved as though it ran yesterday. I bought a new battery for it and it started on the electric starter with no hesitation. It needs a good cleaning and then I'll put it up for sale. It deserves better than being dormant.
Last Saturday I dusted off one of my bicycles for a ten mile bicycle ride in Pleasant Valley. Everey year there is a weekend event in the nearby town called Pleasant Valley Weekend. As part of that the local Lions Club has a bikeathon to benefit Guiding Eyes for the Blind which helps give Guide Dogs to the Visually Handicapped. It's been over twenty years since I rode any kind of bike rally so I used my oldest, easiest shifting bike. My Raleigh Grand Prix was built sometime in the 1970s and is not my lightest but I know it best. Fortunately the road we were on was closed to traffic and only had small climbs. I settled in about mid pack as the crowd stretched out. We had two rest stops on the ten mile route so I could drink some water and relax during those times. I would like to think my previous experience riding with a club contributed to my good ride. I used my gears and didn't press for speed opting instead for simply getting by at a comfortable pace. It was a great ride for a good cause and if you are a Facebook friend I posted pictures from the ride on my news feed.
It was a very satisfying few days and the Summer is only half over. I'll have to see what I can do in the coming days to match the events.