Slowly but surely I have gotten all the two wheelers out in the sun. Even though it's only seven miles to the new job it's still been enough to make me smile. The roads to work have a small country feel that it leaves you wishing for more. Each bike is different so by rotating the fleet it makes each trip unique.
Linda and I have discovered a new shopping destination in the region. Kingston, NY is a scant half hour away and has a large number of stores for our needs. We have to cross the Hudson on the Rhinecliff Bridge.It affords you a scenic view of the Hudson River. There are no major highways getting there so it's a relaxing drive filled with interesting views and architecture. Plus there's a Moe's, a great place for burritos.
Linda has been getting better of late. Her pain has decreased enough to make her dangerous. I came home from a short day at work to find out she had been running around the countryside buying groceries, getting her hair cut and general yard work. We're hoping her improvement continues and it's good to see her spirits rise with her mobility increase.