If there is one thing I have avoided for years it's riding in the rain. Heavy rain drops can be like tiny stones under the right conditions. While it's also not as bad as some places I've ridden the water splashing up from the road leaves a layer of slime and hides in all the nooks and crannies in a scooter. Even with a good wipe down the scooter never looks as nice without hours of cleaning work, something I'm not the best at. Yesterday, despite careful scrutiny of the various weather sites my luck ran out.
Before I left for work I did due diligence on the web for storm predictions. All the weather sites seemed to agree that about an hour after I got to work there would be a brief shower with cloudy conditions following, I looked outside at work at the hour they predicted rain and it wasn't showering. Not so two hours later. A light rain had begun to fall and it continued on until quitting time. Now riding in the rain is bad enough but I had locked my helmet to the scooter and it was drenched. Putting a wet helmet on is not my fave and worse than that the inside of my face shield was spotted with water drops and I didn't have a towel.
The only good thing is that the rain stayed light all the way home so I wasn't stinging from thick drops of water. One thing people don't think of with riding is the water splashing up off the road and soaking your feet. Rainy motorcycle rides were a torture because of that and even rubber boots might fill with water from the spray. On a scooter your feet are up on a platform behind a shield protected from the splash as are your legs. While the rain was annoying it wasn't as bad to be out in as it could have been.
Soon I was splashing in the driveway and parked the scooter in its dry home. I even gave it a quick wipe down with a dry rag and apologized for the nasty ride. I saved a few dollars in gas over any of my cars but I won't do that on purpose again.