For those of you not acquainted with it, the third Monday in June has been annually designated as "Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day". Unfortunately for me today is one of my days off so I used the big scooter to do some errands. The first was to bring a package to the local Post Office to mail off to our nephew in Webster, NY. The weather today is gorgeous and the thermometer at the bank across from the Post Office read 76*. It's one of those days when you wish you had someplace about fifty miles away to ride to.

The next task was to ride to Hancock to get chew bones for the dogs. One of the disadvantages of living in a small town is that stores run out of things and don't re-stock in a timely manner. Shelves will stay empty for days at a time since their storage areas are small and having items on hand is not possible. My local Family Dollar was out of my dogs favorite chews so a run to the next store was necessary. It being a nice day made the ride a non-issue and the views from Route 17 of the Delaware River were very pleasant.

I was in and out the store in minutes and home in no time. The entire trip took just under an hour but to see the fuss my dogs made when I arrived home, you would think I had been gone for days. Maybe it was because their lunch time was coming up and they were worried. A dog's stomach clock is very precise and I'm sure the clock was ticking. I fed them within minutes of returning and they were content.
So even though I didn't ride to work I made my presence known out on the road. It was a good ride and a successful shopping trip. What can be better than that?