Unlike too many months that have gone by I finally have something solid to write about. We had family visits, birthdays and motorcycle rides to talk about. If I recall the last motorcycle related event I spoke off was a run to town to get flowers for Linda's birthday. It was a quiet week after that and then Memorial Day rolled around. Saturday was an excellent day and the Honda Nighthawk got in a run. The roads around here are excellent bike roads and the Honda is just the bike to enjoy them on. I rolled up to Salt Point and jumped on the Taconic State Parkway. Despite it being a major thoroughfare the Taconic is quite scenic, hilly and possesses many sweeping curves. We handled the trip with ease.
On Monday, Memorial Day, we visited Linda's son for a barbecue. I decided to travel there on my big scooter, again on the Taconic State Parkway. It has some difficulty with the hills below Interstate 84 which climb around 400 feet in a few miles. I managed to maintain highway speed but it was working hard. There also was a pretty good headwind which made things even more difficult. After enjoying an excellent visit and good food we headed home with Linda following me in her Honda automobile. The headwind was now a tailwind and the scooter was up to the task of climbing hills. Overall the trip was eighty miles and the scooter did the trip handily.
Since then we have spent time catching up on yard work restoring the lawn and gardens from Winter's wear and tear. My lawn tractor and push mower have gotten a workout and Linda has planted a pair of Azaleas to dress up the place. We have tried to get out at least once a week for takeout food to support our favorite establishments and enjoy some great food. We hope the good weather has everyone out enjoying the sun. I should have more to say soon.