The process of transferring goods from my Deposit house to Hyde Park started slowly with Linda and I bringing the dogs to the new place three weeks ago. We had a delay for a week but this past Saturday we began moving the heavier goods in earnest in my recently acquired Dodge minivan. Some tools, lawn equipment and clothing were packed into the car. In addition I moved my first two wheeler to its new garage. It was a difficult decision but the big scooter was the first bike to make the trip.
Linda drove the minivan as I piloted the scooter on Route 17, I-84 and the Taconic State Parkway. As always, the scooter handled the trip quite nicely and except for the heat of a very bright, hot sun I was fairly comfortable. This coming Saturday we will repeat the exercise, loading more necessary goods to make life easier here. I have to decide which bike will be coming to my house. I'm leaning towards the Honda Rebel. It has saddlebags which will make it a useful addition as both a traveler and grocery getter.
The story about that will be in my next installment