I was reading my facebook account the other day and Gilligan's Ice Cream in Sherburne had this tasty little note. "The first bike night is only 100 days away." One hundred days is still over three months away from now but but at least it gives a benchmark of when we'll be riding again under warm, sunny skies. The quote was accompanied by a picture of one of last season's bike nights with green lawn and people in short sleeves. It seems like I've been in sweatshirts forever but better days are coming. My wife always marks the end of February as Winter's end, maybe this terrible weather will bend to her will and March won't be so bad.
I just hope for days that don't have the weather forecasters saying, "It's a brisk two degrees with windchills at twenty below. Bundle up everybody." It doesn't make for riding weather, even a short ride. Once I'm seeing mid-thirties I can do short errands again. That seems to bolster my spirits. I'm waiting.