Someone once said life is made up of meetings and partings. I'll have a parting in a little while. I mentioned to someone that I had a scooter for sale at a reasonable price and he surprisingly said, "sold". I hadn't really expected that so today I settled down and got to work replacing the fuel line and CDI unit on the "Charming". I moved it indoors since the weather has gotten so mean lately and with plenty of light and heat working on it was nearly a breeze. I removed the plastic panels the hard way the last time which made removing them this time much easier. 
Once inside the plugs pulled out of the old CDI much easier than I thought possible. I had advice from others on how to do it this time and it helped make the job go smoothly. Even replacing the fuel line went easily and in no time I was backing the scooter up to the door to fire it up. Voila, it started and sounded better than ever. It even idled lower and had good throttle response. Now all I need is a solid road test and I'll happily hand it off to the next owner. 
Besides having too many toys right now this little unit deserves to be somebody's number one machine. Here it's number three or four.