I finally started a chore I've been ignoring for far too long yesterday and the results so far are impressive. When I began to transfer tools, motorcycles and equipment from my garage in Deposit to the new home in Hyde Park I just placed them on the floor however they landed. Recently I brought shelves and lost the excuse to leave the place in that manner. I also promised Linda that she would have a place to park her car indoors. Since she is still working Linda deserves to have a nice, dry, fairly warm car that isn't covered in snow or ice in Winter. We put a new battery in the garage door opener pendant so Linda can open and close the door from the car.

I also arranged the motorcycles so that I can get any one of them out now without having to move others to extract whichever I so desire. Here is the result:

My Side.

Linda's side

While it doesn't show in the pictures very well you can catch a glimpse of the shelves and neat placement of items in the garage. I should be able to place the rest of the materials in my collection, waiting in Deposit, neatly around the walls or make more room on the shelves. Then try to keep it neat.