I had the day off and decided this would be the perfect day to take care of paperwork. I took four registration renewals; two mopeds, the scooter and Honda Rebel, and added the registration for the little Yamaha to the mix. I was blessed with no other customers at DMV and was in and out in five minutes. It was no problem tossing the official documents into the scooter and then running off to complete the rest of my shopping in Town. 
When I got home I hung my shiny, new license plate on the Yamaha and held my breath as I hit the starter button. It's still hit or miss whether it will actually start and today was no exception. It started right up and then stalled. I began the process of flipping switches, turning the throttle to different positions and finally trying the gas valve on the tank. It fired up again and settled into a strong, noisy idle. Flushed with success I grabbed my helmet and took it for a ride. Amazingly enough it continued to run and took me further from the house than I've ever gone on it, roaring all the way. I've got to get a better muffler.
After a brief six mile run I returned to the garage and gave it the acid test. I turned it off and tried to start it again-success! The weather is supposed to be nice the next few days and next time I'll take it into Town, buy gas and see if it behaves. It runs about as fast right now as the ill fated Big Ruckus, not bad for a bike that hasn't powered in about six years, or longer. I'm hoping that it gets good gas mileage, that would make for lower out-of-pocket expenses for the next six or seven months. Here's to lower gas bills.