Lately a very strange thing has been happening around here. My wife has been riding more than I have. I happened to be pushing her Honda into the garage and noticed that she had put about five hundred miles on the bike in the last month and a half. She's been using it to go work and taking it into Binghamton for visits to a therapist which add up to close to a hundred miles at a time. It's saving large miles on her car and she's enjoying the trips immensely.
I would never have pegged her to become a motorcyclist at all and when she came to me and said she wanted a motor scooter I don't think anyone could have been more surprised. It was even more surprising when she turned her back on the scooter after a few days on a little dirt bike and asked me to seek out a road bike for her. After two years the Rebel only has 2500 miles but I'm thinking that one day when the boys have moved out maybe we'll do some overnight trips to the relative's houses by bike and maybe do some motorcycle sightseeing.
When that time comes I'll find her something bigger and hope I can keep up. She runs me pretty hard now even though I have a 650 and she is giving up 400 cc. It's fun to have a wife who doesn't say, "You'll never get me on one of those things". We have a common interest and in the future maybe it will become an expanded part of our life.